Would you like to have your brows expertly shaped without the fear of getting burned? Do you avoid getting facials because you hate the discomfort of extractions? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you might want to consider paying me a visit.

I’ve been a licensed Esthetician since 1996 and the majority of that time has been as part of the AVEDA network. My years of experience have helped me become very skilled in the art of Estiology. I take pride in being able to provide my clients with an experience that is relaxing, comfortable, and that delivers the results they expect. Burns and painful extractions are not part of my professional repertoire.

It’s a real pleasure to be part of the team at cutlab hair studio. Amber and Seed have done an excellent job of creating a salon that is not only beautiful, it also has a very friendly and welcoming vibe. We all enjoy working together and we all enjoy what we do, and it helps to add the overall ambiance of our salon.

Please pay me a visit if you’re looking a new Esthetician. I’m friendly, professional, and highly skilled…and I’m looking forward to meeting you!