Earth Month 2016

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Welcome to the Earth Month 2016 edition of the cutlab hair studio Newsletter.

In this edition, we present:

10 Years of Protecting Clean Water

In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside the whole month of April to celebrate and raise funds to protect our planet and it's people. In the past 10 years, over $38 million dollars have been raised by the Aveda network to help support clean water projects at home and around the globe.

As part of our Earth Month efforts, Aveda donates 100% of proceeds from the sale of our exclusive Light The Way candles to Global Greengrants which helps fund clean water projects in over 80 countries. This year's candle is made from soy wax and features organic ginger and ginger lily essential oils. Each one sells for $12 and they are now available at cutlab, while supplies last.

You can help cutlab raise funds for Earth Month by entering our raffle drawing. Only $5 enters you to win our beautiful gift basket valued at over $500. Buy one or a bunch of tickets to increase your chances of winning! All proceeds will go to the Surfrider Foundation- the basket also includes a one year membership to the Surfrider Foundation.

Help protect clean water and let happiness flow by following these helpful tips:
-Make sure your washer and dishwasher are full before running them- to cut water and energy use.
-Place ice cubes in potted plants to give them a drink that won't overflow or waste water.
-Skip meat for one meal a week and save the over 5000 gallons of water required to raise one pound of meat.
-Turn the water off while brushing your teeth and save 4 to 10 gallons per day.
New from Aveda:
Invati for men

Aveda introduces The Invati Men collection- a new shampoo and Scalp Revitalizing Treatment designed to reduce hair loss from breakage. During clinical trials, 4 out of 5 men reported that their hair felt stronger and looked fuller after using both products daily for 12 weeks. Shampoo -$35 and Scalp Revitalizing Treatment -$65, now available at cutlab.

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